Dive into the details of the recent Squarespace domain hijacking incident that targeted major DeFi protocols.
July 15, 2024
Blockaid and 1inch are announcing a partnership aiming to redefine safety and efficiency in decentralized finance.
June 20, 2024
Core, the native wallet of Avalanche, is now powered by Blockaid’s state of the art real-time security alerts - enhancing security across the Avalanche ecosystem.
June 6, 2024
Dive into the mechanics, effectiveness, and prevention of address poisoning attacks to help you stay safe in the evolving crypto landscape.
May 31, 2024
Wallet drainers are financially motivated—their only objective is to make money. When we’re able to make it hard enough for them to do that, they give up.
The Blockaid Team
April 19, 2024
CoinTracker swiftly integrated Blockaid’s comprehensive APIs, allowing the CoinTracker software to distinguish between spam and legitimate tokens across every supported chain and token type with immense precision.
The Blockaid Team
March 21, 2024
Angel Drainer group has introduced a new attack vector utilizing a protocol to execute a novel form of approval farming attack through the queue Withdrawal mechanism.
The Blockaid Team
January 31, 2024
The recent partnership between MetaMask and Blockaid has caused the notorious Inferno Drainer Group to shut down.
The Blockaid Team
January 4, 2024
Blockaid’s auto-detect dApp scanning system found a malicious payload in in the Ledger connect-kit SDK via a supply chain attack causing multiple dApps to serve malicious content for users.
The Blockaid Team
December 15, 2023
With Zerion's Phishing Defense is rolled out to all mobile wallets and the browser extension, Blockaid is actively protecting users from fraud, phishing, and hacks.
The Blockaid Team
December 8, 2023
Rainbow wallets are Powered by Blockaid, providing transparency so you know what will happen before you connect your wallet or send a transaction.
The Blockaid Team
December 7, 2023
A look at how Wallet Drainers are becoming more and more sophisticated in utilizing web2 technologies to attempt to scam users and avoid detection.
Guy Ezer
November 15, 2023
This week, Blockaid and MetaMask share that together we’ve pioneered technology that ensures web3 security can align with a core value of privacy.
The Blockaid Team
November 1, 2023
We want to make transacting in web3 as secure as opening a file on your computer or paying with your credit card on Amazon. This article aims to explain the characteristics of wallet drainers and why even the savviest crypto users need to be careful.
Raz Niv
October 31, 2023
Today I’m excited to share that Blockaid, a leader in web3 security, is emerging from stealth with $33m in funding from a syndicate of some of the world’s greatest investors in fintech, cybersecurity, and web3.
Ido Ben-Natan
October 6, 2023

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