Coinbase Wallet, Powered by Blockaid

March 13, 2024
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Coinbase Wallet integrated Blockaid 5 months ago to provide additional layers of security for users. Over 5 months, the integration has helped save over $75M of funds from being stolen and stopped nearly 800k wallet connections to malicious dApps - all by scanning and analyzing 114M transactions and dApp connections.

Coinbase Wallet is among the most user-friendly self-custody wallets, unlocking the world of crypto for millions of users to collect NFTs, earn yield, explore play-to-earn gaming, participate in DAOs, and more with support across Bitcoin, 10+ EVM chains, Solana, Dogecoin, and every ERC-20 from Aave to ZRX. Bringing the next 1B users onchain requires that it be easier to onramp and onboard. Coinbase Wallet also offers the unique ability to seamlessly link your self custodial wallet to a Coinbase Account, to easily transfer funds.

The challenge is that with popularity and usage comes the increased attention of bad actors, leading to an increase in malicious activities such as phishing scams to NFT drop scams. All of these result in a potentially adversarial environment making it more difficult for novice users to enter the web3 ecosystem.

An industry leader when it comes to keeping your crypto and data safe, Coinbase Wallet teamed up with Blockaid to provide additional layers of security for wallet users in an effort to make the wallet safer and more user friendly. The integration resulted in better transaction simulations on 7+ chains —  99% of which are 300ms or faster — which means users get the benefit of additional security without it slowing down or negatively impacting user experience.

Read the full case study [$data-tf-popup=QQvQhi7s][.open-modal] here. [.open-modal][$data-tf-popup]

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